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Force-Sensitive individuals are a result of a full-scale symbiosis with a curious form of single-celled life known as Midichlorians. Force Sensitive individuals are typically divided into Jedi and Sith, based upon their behavior and alliances. Midichlorians react to stress or other high-emotional states by increasing their energy output. This results in heightened power, and a predisposition towards further emotional states as the midichlorians flourish. As such, a Force-sensitive individual to uses emotion to fuel their power frequently will slowly lose control over their emotions, and their powers, but with the gain of increased abilities.

As such, Jedi train heavily to put aside emotional responses and impulses, and instead develop their powers through control. They tend to be very strict in nature, and take vows of poverty similar to monks or nuns. The Jedi, as a group, operate as bodyguards and peacekeepers for those who need it. They are often compared to Asari Justicar, but tend to be much more relaxed as to the actions of others. Jedi run several Jedi Academies, and typically seek out Force-Sensitive individuals at a very young age, before they can lose emotional control. Jedi Academies my also be known as Jedi Temples, and they are typically the homes and training halls of Jedi.

Sith, on the other hand, are much less understood and less well known. Operating in small groups with loose communication, similar to cults or even terrorist cells, Sith are something of emotional junkies. Because of their heightened emotional response, Sith tend to behave in a chaotic fashion, going for their goals with little regard as to the means. They have a loose, frequently shifting organization, with a few unknown leaders who often urge on and guide other groups. Although Sith are more powerful than Jedi, their control over their power is lessened.

Jedi and Sith alike can use their powers to push, pull, levitate, and hold objects without physically touching them, much like Biotics. Sith also tote a unique ability to generate massive amounts of electrical power as an attack. The Force also has several abilities unique that separate it from Biotics- very well-trained and powerful Force Sensitives can render themselves nearly-undetectable, with intense focus, and some can even create illusions. Similarly, Force-users are prone to visions, the source of which is unknown. It's believed by the Jedi and Sith that their visions are exactly that- visions of the future or of other areas. However, it's more commonly believed that their visions are hallucinatory states that allow them to process information extremely efficiently, creating projections of what could happen.

Both Jedi and Sith frequently use these visions while meditating to decide future actions.

Jedi and Sith are masters of melee combat, training heavily to use energy weapons and their force abilities to decimate enemies both near and far. Very few Jedi or Sith use long-range weaponry other than their natural abilities.

Force-Sensitive individuals also have a unique ability to "sense the Force"- in that they have a passive sense of other midichlorians, through unknown means. This means that Force users can find one another even with no outward triggers, and their heightened sensitivity to mass effect fields can allow them to find and sense ships and biotics in use.

Biotics Vs. Force

Biotics Force-Sensitive
Caused by in-utero exposure to Element Zero dust. Caused by full-scale Midichlorian symbiosis, trigger unknown.
Nodes of Element Zero in tissues, typically requires implants and training to control. Element Zero equally distributed throughout body and tissues, training needed but largely natural.
Very destructive, "high-energy" forces that operate on a small scale. Visual energy discharge from use. Largely blunt force with no visible discharge, large amounts of power but less destructive.
Headaches, upped calorie intake, implant malfunctions or infections from implantation possible. Heightened emotional state, can result in gradual loss of control over abilities and behavior without emotional training.
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