6-7 Feet (Males)/7-8 Feet (Females) 200-280lbs (Males)/250-350lbs (Females)
Arthropod-like mandibles. Low-light/infrared vision, heat sensitive pits. Bony, helmet-like skull. Impressive physical durability.
In-game, Yautja require higher oxygen content than Citadel-standard, although they can breath standard air for some time before growing weak. They also prefer hot, humid temperatures, but can withstand most environments. Yautja are largely either regarded as rumors or are vastly untrusted- for good reasons.
Yatuja themselves are not as well-known as their ever-present armor and masks.

Although widespread, Yautja are rarely seen, and usually either alone or in small hunting parties when encountered. They avoid contact with other species except for hunting purposes, and rely upon advanced cloaking technology to keep a low profile. They are occasionally (and rightfully) blamed for "seeding" planets with hostile invasive species for the purpose of hunting.

A variety of Yautja, showing the difference in crests and facial features.

Yautja society is very divided, with individuals traveling and living in semi-tribal groups, often times nomadic in nature. Although tribal units are close-knit, personal relations in Yautja are few and connections with others can be considered a weakness. Traveling Yautja are almost exclusively groups of males.

A Yatuja who survives to old age is impressive indeed.

Yautja have very long lifespans, the true range of which is not known. Similar to Krogan, it's believed that they mature fast and remain powerful fighters for potentially centuries- although very few survive to old age, due to their high-risk lifestyle.

Larger and more aggressive, female Yautja are even more seldom seen and less understood than their male counterparts.

Female Yautja prefer to live on planets modified into "hunting preserves", where they challenge mates, transport other species there for hunting, and likely raise their young. The process of earning a female's respect for mating is extensive and risky, and prone to fatal injury. It's unknown where the Yautja homeworld is, and how many Yautja may exist on it, as almost all Yautja seem to live either on tribal ships or on other planets.

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